A peek inside Como Harbor

Hubbard Broadcasting is teaming up with Como Zoo to make sure the animals are well cared for and families can continue to create memories for years to come. The annual Como Zoo Sponsor an Animal Campaign runs through April 25, and you can help!

Como Harbor is a place where your family can experience sea lions and seals in a whole new way.

Allison Jungheim is Senior Keeper of the Aquatic Animal Building.

"This is going to be a year-round facility for the seals and sea lions, where you have eight animals that will be put into the space," Jungheim said.

The seals and sea lions at the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory have a new place to call home and Jungheim is helping them move in and get acquainted. Each one has its own story: Some are blind; others have injuries from the wild. No matter their challenge, the team is feeding, training and caring for them on their new journey.

"It’s going to be just an amazing opportunity to see animals swimming underwater," Jungheim said. "We have underwater viewing, we have just a massive amount of water space to get through, and you can see a lot of natural behaviors between all of them, and it will just be fantastic."

Como Park Zoo and Conservatory is just one in four zoos across the country you can come to for free. To help keep it that way, you can participate by sponsoring an animal. It also helps with their care and well-being.

You can donate to the annual Como Zoo Sponsor an Animal Campaign here.

A donation of $75 pays for one day of fish for Sparky the sea lion and her pals.

All gifts will be matched up to $10,000 thanks to an anonymous donor.