Basic story article example with image

This is an example of a basic story, which accounts for much of what we publish.

For most stories, there’s a headline, image, and text. We will continue to use 1280×720 images for all story images on the new site. You can either upload one or select an existing one from the image gallery. It’s also important that we follow the image naming scheme that is in the quick posting guide.

Occasionally there will be related links and/or other types of multimedia.

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As you see above, we are going to use standalone links for related content. Part of this is due to a current limitation with our WordPress configuration and the inability to have automated related story blocks.

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When you are done writing your story, it’s important to make sure the items below and on the right side of this page are completed. Below you’ll see Yoast SEO Premium, with 4 different tabs. On the right side you’ll see options for the post, of which, we have to select a featured image, category, links , and excerpt.