Using the HingeFirm Door Adapter with 3x3FIT

Kim Marie Ross, creator of 3x3FIT, shows us how to incorporate the HingeFirm Door Adapter into your workout. The HingeFirm Door Adapter allows for resistance training and it can amp up your results and make changes to your muscles.

3x3FIT is celebrating 2 years with Twin Cities Live. To help celebrate, you can get the Total Body Sculpt Package for just $59! The first 100 orders will receive the HingeFirm Door Adapter for free! Click here to place your order.

Total Body Sculpt Package for $59 includes:

  • 1 Set – Weighted G3 3X3FIT Rings
  • 50+ Online workouts
  • 1 Set – Standard short & long tension cords
  • 73″ POWER CORD
  • First 100 orders receive a HINGEFIRM Door Attachment
  • One year warranty