Sooki & Mimi

You may not think February 2020 would be the best time to open a new restaurant, but that didn’t stop a James Beard award-winning chef from opening Sooki & Mimi. Joining us today to share some of her dishes, we have Chef Ann Kim from Sooki & Mimi!

Korean Pork Tacos

Hand-pressed corn tortillas topped with pork, gochujang (pronounced gow-choo-jang), fermented black bean, pineapple, onion, cilantro and Guacamole.

Spring Vegetable Huarache (wuh-rah-chee)

House-made, hand-pressed blue corn huarache topped with requeson (rreh – keh – sohn, a Mexican cheese similar to ricotta), snap peas, asparagus, radish, pickled mushrooms, arugula and edible flowers.

Mochi doughnuts

A sweet bite.