Post Shark Tank Business Update

Author and entrepreneur who was featured on Shark Tank last year, Wen Muenyi, is here to update us about his expansion since the show.

Even though he didn’t end up getting a deal with the sharks, his products are still worth sharing!

Jax Sheets for men

  • This product was inspired by the one statistic “single men under the age of 30 wash their sheets every 3 months.”
  • The sheets are breathable, soft, smooth and require less laundry to keep them clean

Zuri Beauty Pillowcase for men

  • Brings together the power of copper and silk to be a perfect pillowcase
  • Helps with acne-prone skin, wrinkles, dryness, etc.
  • Proceeds are going to Minnesota homeless shelters

Skyler Sheets for students

  • Designed to keep clean for weeks
  • Helps keep your body acne-free
  • Comes with laundry instructions that are easy to understand

Click here to purchase sheets.

Wen is releasing a book, “Business While Black” to come out in April, but you can join the waiting list now!

  • Minnesota has been ranked top 5 worst state for minorities
  • The importance of economic equality to other equalities
  • Wen makes speeches at high schools, he feels it’s important to educate young minorities about entrepreneurship