Making the Most of Your Makeup

Makeup expert Hillary Kline shows us easy ways that you can condense the amount of products in your makeup bag by making your favorites go the extra mile. For more beauty tips, follow Hillary on Instagram @klinetothetop.

  1. Prep your skin the night before. Save time in the morning – help prep skin the night before.

Got a zit? Use these the night before to help reduce size. Mighty Patch by Hero Cosmetics.

Use an overnight leave-on night mask. I love the 707 Flora Moisture Matrix. I also love the Tatcha Indigo Overnight Repair. You can also do a face mask the night before. Love the Brightening Sheet Masks by Soon Skincare.

  1. Crayons aren’t just for kids. We can use crayons as adults too, on our eyes! Easy hack for busy Moms – scribble on your eye, blend with finger or brush.

Top this all with some waterproof mascara. BONUS HACK: if you have dried mascara, use some saline solution (a few drops) OR put the tube in some hot water.

Some favorite product suggestions:

  1. Cream blush – can act as multi use products. You can use this on your cheeks, eyes, lips.

Some favorites:

  1. Declutter your life/shelves/products and get organized. You are wasting time scrounging around trying to find products. Simplify your life and get organized! Toss out expired items (yes, things expire!), products you haven’t used in awhile. Then, throw your everyday makeup in a bag so everything is readily available. I also like laying out products the night before in the order I want to use them.