How to Protect and Can Your Veggies This Fall

Jo Anderson of Grow with Jo on TikTok tells us how to protect your garden bed plants this fall and winter along with a magical way of keeping your canned veggies lasting for months! To see what Jo has going on follow her social media pages on TikTok and Instagram! Also, Jo has a recipe for simple refrigerator pickles below!

Recipe: Simple Refrigerator Pickles

3 quarts water
1 quart white vinegar
¾ cup salt ½ cup sugar
4-8 garlic cloves
Fresh dill
Sliced Onion
1 ¼ tsp alum

Boil water, vinegar, salt, sugar
Prep and cut your veggies
Layer veggies in jars
Sprinkle alum over
Pour hot brine into jars

Ready to eat after 2 weeks in refrigerator
Will last several months in the fridge