Home Design Trends with Heather and Brad Fox

Heather and Brad Fox own a design shop and studio in Edina. You might also recognize them as the husband and wife team behind HGTV’s show “Should I Stay or Go?”. The pair joins us in studio to talk trends for this summer!

Trends are different than they used to be! Today they are more focused on what you love, instead of having the latest and greatest. Living through a pandemic where we were all in our homes shifted things. Consider spicing up your home with these tips from the dynamic duo:

  1. Home office
    -These aren’t going anywhere! We love creating partition walls or spaces that make sense for a home office. Most often, people have multi purpose spaces.
  2. Neutral Colors
    -This one may surprise you, but we’re seeing so many colors as neutrals now- blue, green and blush for example!
  3. Mixing styles
    -People are less excited to make their home look like a catalog and more excited to have a space that reflects them. Mixing vintage, new and inexpensive and higher end is where it’s at!
  4. Wallpaper
    -What’s old is new again in fashion and home and wallpaper is back!

Check them out on HG-TV, or their YouTube Channel!