Hazelwood’s Minute Chicken Breast

Throughout this entire week TCL will be focusing on Blooming as TCL in your town will be at Nine Mile Brewing. Today we look at Hazelwood in Bloomington and Chef Scott Foster joins us to make their “Minute Chicken Breast”. Recipe and directions are below. If you have any questions regarding directions you can email Scott Foster. His email is Scott@nrgemail.com.

Minute Chicken Breast

2 fl oz Clarified Butter
1/8 tsp House Salt and Pepper #1
3 oz Wild Mushroom Mix, assorted at your local store
1 TBL Canola Olive Oil blend
2 TBL Shallots, Minced
1 1/2 tsp Thyme, Chopped
1/2 tsp House Salt and Pepper #2
2 TBL Garlic Butter, your own recipe or a retail product
2 tsp Capers
8 oz Angel Hair Pasta, Par Cooked
1 1/2 tsp Pecorino Cheese, Grated
1 1/2 fl oz Lemon Butter Sauce
1/4 tsp Parsley, Chopped


Place clarified butter on a clean scraped flattop.  Lay the breaded chicken breast into the clarified butter, presentation side down, pressing down to ensure the entire chicken touches the flattop. Brown well on the first side, approx. 3 minutes. Using a spatula, carefully scrape under the chicken and flip. Brown the second side until cooked through, approx. 3 more minutes. Remove from flattop, season with house salt and pepper #1.
In a saute pan, heat oil until it begins to smoke. Add shallots, toss and let brown. Add mushrooms and thyme, toss and lay flat to brown very well.  One the first side is browned, toss and flip to the other side, allowing the mushrooms to brown very well.  Add garlic butter and house salt and pepper #2.  Heat pasta in the pasta water very rapidly, about 5 seconds.  Drain well, and add pasta to the saute pan.  Toss well.
On a large oval plate, mount the pasta as high as possible at the 9 o’clock position. Place the chicken breast along the front edge, shingled off the pasta and stretching out towards 3 o’clock. Top the entire dish with capers.
Ladle ½ OZ of lemon butter sauce at the tip of the chicken breast on top of the pasta.  Ladle the remaining 1 OZ around the chicken breast.  Garnish the dish with pecorino cheese and chopped parsley.

Herb Breading

6 oz Japanese Bread Crumbs
6 oz Grated Parmesan
2 TBL Chopped Parsley, fine
2 TBL Chopped Basil, fine

Toss all ingredients together well.
Only use enough to cover each chicken breast to start.  Add a bit more as needed.  The breading can be refrigerated for one week to use again if it doesn’t touch raw chicken

Minute Chicken Breading Procedure

2, 7 oz Chicken Breasts, cleaned
Half and half, as needed
herb breading as needed

Once the chicken is cleaned & rinsed, place plastic over the chicken breast and pound to a 3/8” thickness without tearing the breast meat.
Dip each breast in half and half, then the herb breading.  Hold to saute for dinner

Lemon Herb Buerre Blanc

½ oz Chopped Shallots
½ cup White Wine
2 TBL Heavy Cream
10 oz Butter, Cubed room temp
¾ tsp house salt and pepper
2 TBL fresh lemon juice
1 ½ tsp fresh thyme chopped
1 ½ tsp fresh parlsey

Place wine, shallots, thyme, parsley, and lemon juice in a sauce pan, reduce to sec.  Add heavy cream reduce until “slushy”.
Reduce flame to very low heat, add butter slowly to emulsify. Continue adding slowly, controlling the temperature.  Remove from heat and strain pushing on the shallots to release flavor.  Fold in salt and pepper, stir well. Hold in a warm place for dinner service.