Decorating Wooden Pumpkins

Jen Appleberry from Appleberry’s Attic shows us 4 fun, creative and versatile ways to take a simple store bought wood pumpkin and bring it to life!!! These make for a fun activity leading up to Halloween or maybe at your Halloween Get Together! Kids and Kids at heart LOVE to create! 😉

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  1. PAINT it: paint your pumpkin any color and paint a jack o lantern face on it! *Great for littles
  2. PAPER it: add pattern & texture to your pumpkin by covering it with super cute scrapbook paper!
  3. PATTERN it: paint polk-a-dots, stripes, or any other fun, abstract pattern you can think of!
  4. POUR it: By simply adding FLOTROL to acrylic paint you can create fluid moving paint and an exciting, satisfying form of art!


* Mix Flotrol and Acrylic Paint with a 1 to 1 equal parts ratio.

* Give it a good shake to mix throughly.

* Layer your different colors of mixed paint into a cup.

* Slowly pour your paint. out of the cup and onto to your surface of choice.

* On the show we will showcase 2 different pour techniques…. The “S” Pour and The Ring Pour.

* Let dry for 24 hours then apply a coat of clear epoxy if wanting the “glass” look.