Burger Night

Rob Barrett from Cooking for Dads shares the burger tips from his dear friend, Ken.

  1. Be spicy – Mix your spices in with your burger meat not just sprinkle on top. I’m using Montreal Steak seasoning.
  2. Be tasteful – Use 80/20 meat to fat ratio for your burgers. They might flare up more but they taste so much better. Make sure to use high quality buns. It’s all about the buns.
  3. Be fearless – Don’t be intimidated by others, just cook fearlessly. Ken wasn’t afraid to cook for us. When he made flatbread without cheese, he decided to call them Barrett Specials.
  4. Be organized – Ken keeps a folder of good guest recipes and when you come over he lets you pick which ones you want. For instance, I’m gluten-free which is a real pain for people.
  5. Be creative – This recipe for Ken’s Burger sauce is the best.


Ken’s Burger Sauce

1/2 C mayonnaise
4 spoonfuls Dijon mustard
1/4 C barbecue sauce
2 spoonfuls Worcestershire sauce
1 spoonful freshly grated pepper
pinch of salt
1 sp honey
1 sp sriracha