Benefits of Physical Therapy

Dr. Ryan Dick from Entira Family Clinics explains why physical therapy is so crucial after an injury or surgery. Physical Therapy (PT) is not a quick fix and is often times hard work, but if you have an aching joint, or recovering from a significant injury, your doctor is probably going to prescribe it. It is what is going to get you back to your normal abilities.

Things to think about when you have an injury:
1) Be as aggressive with your strengthening exercises as your provider will let you be
2) as a general rule, “Pain DOES NOT mean gain”. You should not be feeling LOTS of discomfort (unless your provider says its ok)
3) be consistent with your home regimen. Have someone else keep track of your exercise regimen so you always follow through.

Things to think about when you have arthritis:
1) physical therapy usually pleasantly surprises patients who do regular physical therapy
2) surprising enough, your joints feel better WHEN THEY ARE USED
3) the more mobile you are, the younger your feel. And the stronger you are the more mobile you can be.