4/28 Host Chat & Hot Buttered Cheerios

Kelli Hanson is co-hosting with Elizabeth today and is taking the opportunity to show us how she makes Hot Buttered Cheerios.

Hot Buttered Cheerios

Savory Version:

3 Tblsp butter
1 Cup of plain Cheerios
Add seasoning of your choice – Kelli likes Togarashi from “Here’s the Deal Spice”

Toast Cheerios in butter for a minute or two (you’ll see them start to get golden). Top with seasoning. Serve hot.

Mini Donut Version:

Melt butter in a pan; add in the vanilla.
Stir in the Cheerios.
Cook for a few minutes until well coated.
Remove from the heat and toss to coat in cinnamon-sugar.

There are a lot of variations online. Just google “Hot Buttered Cheerios”!