3/18 Movie Trip

Movie guy Paul McGuire Grimes, creator of Paul’s Trip to the Movies, chats with some of the stars for Netflix’ “Windfall” and Apple TV’s “WeCrash” and gives us his review.

WINDFALL (Netflix)

Netflix’s latest release, Windfall, is a small-ensemble thriller with a few surprises along the way. Jason Segel is credited in the film as Nobody. We see him wandering the grounds of a gorgeous little getaway home in Ojai, California. It’s clearly not his house but he’s leaving his mark in more ways than one as he cases the joint. Before he’s done robbing the place, the owners CEO and Wife walk in catching him in the act. He’s a young billionaire tech CEO, while she works for his charity foundation. Nobody keeps them hostage, but his mission doesn’t quite go to plan leaving him fumbling along the way.


WeCrashed (AppleTV+ )

If you haven’t listened to the podcast of the same name, the new AppleTV+ series WeCrashed takes audiences inside the explosive and creative mind of entrepreneur Adam Neumann who founded WeWork. Jared Leto plays the Israeli-born serial entrepreneur who was no stranger to starting crazy business ideas. Not many of them went anywhere but he gained attention for his charisma and forceful attitude. He was told, “You’ll either be a billionaire or be arrested” His concept for WeWork was office space real estate adhering to young businesspeople like him. His energy, output, and wild party ways brought in large investors and startups skyrocketing his company in record time. In under a decade, it became a $48 billion global company that all came crashing down quickly. Along for the ride was his business partner Miguel and his wife, Rebekah Paltrow Neumann. She happens to be the cousin of Gwyneth Paltrow but is adamant about stepping out of the family’s footsteps and making a name for herself. It’s their love story that drives both to be the forces of nature that they are in their businesses.



We’re getting double the Pixar joy this year with Lightyear coming this summer, but first is the highly energetic Turning Red. It’s a coming-of-age story for Meilin Lee, voiced by Rosalie Chiang. She’s a spunky 13-year-old who narrates the film introducing us to her family and group of girlfriends Miriam, Priya, and Abby. For an overachieving 8th grader, there’s no time to mess around. That all changes after an incredibly emotional night, and she wakes up and finds herself turned into a giant red panda. It’s quite an adjustment for Meilin who needs to control her emotions if she doesn’t want the Panda to come out. This becomes all the more challenging thanks to her overprotective mother (Sandra Oh) and mean kids at school who are quick to poke fun. Instead of wallowing in these new changes with her body, she learns how to take advantage of her fluffy new alter ego.