Tile trends with the Tile Shop

Shehan Ghanchi from the Tile Shop stops by with some of the latest trends in tile you’ll see in updated homes. 

1. Handmade Look – real handmade as well as ones made to look handmade. incredible variation and texture. Artisan look. Have depth and come in breadth of neutral and jewel/highly pigmented tones.

2. Jewel-tones & unique shapes – popsicles, fish scales/fans and elongated hexes. playing with rich colors and unique geometric shapes.

3. Mosaics – largest selection. Great for accent in your shower niche or on your floor or backsplash. Variety of materials and exclusive designs. Creams and warm tones coming back. Jewel tones again popular. Large penny round in brass colors.

4. Luxury Vinyl – great option for an easy flooring refresh. Options for DIYer to commercial spaces. Stain & scratch & fade resistant and come in a variety of colorways including both stone & wood look. Click lock is easy to install and can put heated flooring underneath – perfect for MN winters