Chu Vision: Cataracts

A new study reveals a link between dementia and vision loss – specifically cataracts. Dr. Ralph Chu from Chu Vision Institute is here to share some additional information about cataracts.

First, what are cataracts? Cataracts occur when the proteins of the eye lens begin to degrade or cluster, which results in impaired vision.

Are cataracts preventable?
Dr Chu’s Answer: Cataracts are not preventable, per se. It occurs as part of the natural aging of the eye. However there are factors that can increase the onset of cataracts such as smoking and diabetes.

How would someone know that they might have a cataract?
Dr Chu’s Answer: Vision becomes cloudy, halos around lights, difficulty seeing in dim conditions, noticing colors are dull vs vibrant – are all signs of cataracts

Are Cataracts treatable? And if yes, how?
Dr Chu’s Answer: Today’s modern cataract surgery is minimally invasive with no stitches or patches needed. Mild sedation is used and patients are able to return home and resume normal activities. Today there are many lifestyle lenses available but we are most excited to offer the light adjustable lens which allows patients to customize their vision after cataract surgery by using a UV light to lock in their desired prescription. There is no other technology on the market that can customize the vision after surgery.