6 Ingredient Vegetable Red Curry

Today’s “Monday Night Meal” is a fun and easy one with there being just 6 ingredients! Nutrition coach and recipe developer Megan Sheley is with us to make her “6 Ingredient Vegetable Red Curry”. For more information on this recipe, it’s all posted below.

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3 cups mixed vegetables
1 can garbanzo beans
1 can coconut milk 
1 can roasted tomatoes 
Thai red curry sauce (11 oz)
Frozen brown rice or quinoa 

Saute your vegetables with olive oil on medium heat until browned (about 10 minutes)
add in your drained chickpeas, roasted tomatoes, coconut milk, and your thai red curry sauce
Simmer this on low for 10 minutes
In the meantime cook your frozen rice on the stove top.
Follow the directions on the back of the box! 

This meal should come together in about 25-30 minutes! Very simple and delicious.