328 Grill

Mik German from 328 Grill joins Ben and Elizabeth in the studio with some delicious burgers. 328 Grill are now the winners of the first ever Minnesota burger championship. Below are Mik’s five ways that make a great burger. Click here to visit their website.

  1. Season your meat
    • Most important step
    • Season your burger, then season it a little more
  2. Good quality beef
    • 80/20 grind at minimum
    • Buy local
  3. Find a proper vessel
    • Find a local bakery to find the perfect bun for your burger
  4. Cheese!
    • American cheese is where it’s at. It melts so well, it’s gooey, its perfect for a burger.
  5. Balance
    • Balance in your food
    • Salt, fat, acid, heat