So Minnesota: Schubert Club Music Museum letter collection

From Bach to Beethoven, many have heard the music of the great composers. One St. Paul museum gives a look into their personal lives through a unique collection.

The Schubert Club Music Museum holds more than 100 rare original letters from famous composers, including Mozart and Beethoven.

"They’re an amazing collection of beautiful letters telling of love and passion and happiness and sadness grief, some are business struggles," Kate Cooper with the museum said. "I think it just humanizes these people. They had problems just like we do."

Nearly 40 years ago, Gilman Ordway of the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts family donated the collection to the museum.

The museum is on the search for a letter by Minnesota composer Prince Rogers Nelson.

"We would love a letter from Prince," Barry Kempton, with the museum said. "If you know of anyone who is ready to make a donation or let us put it on display, we would gladly take it."