So Minnesota: MSP Airport takes part in Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program

There’s a unique program at Minneapolis/Saint Paul International Airport that gives travelers extra help getting to their final destination.

For the last year, the airport has taken part in the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program.

The program that helps those with a hidden disability have a more enjoyable flying experience.

“We want to give people that hope that they can fly,” MSP International Airport Assistant Director of Customer Service Phil Burke said. 

An adult or child can pick up a free sunflower lanyard at any information desk. All airport employees know about the program and look for those wearing the Sunflower lanyard.

“This is somebody that maybe requires a little more help, a little more support, a little more time and it slows the pace down a little bit and hopefully a little more understanding and more caring that would be otherwise,” Burke said.

MSP International Airport has given out 600 Sunflower lanyards over the last year.

“That’s 600 individuals, 600 families that otherwise were having potentially having a negative experience when they travel and turning that into a positive experience and hopefully more hope to fly in the future,” Burke said.

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program started in the United Kingdom. It’s been expanding here in the United States. Currently, there are about a dozen airports in the U.S. taking part in the program.