So Minnesota: Historic Isanti County church

One country church in Isanti county has survived many years and a few close calls with the wrecking ball.

Saint John’s Lutheran Church in Bradford Township was saved twice by the community.

Built by German immigrants in 1882, the church has no running water or inside bathroom with a simple wood stove.

“This church is a wonderful example of a one-room country church,” Sam Klocksien with Isanti Co. Historical Society said.

The church closed in 1956,  it was quickly forgotten and slowly fell apart. The community came together to save the church from destruction.

In 1980 the church was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In the early 2000’s the church once again fell in disrepair until the community came to its rescue.

“It’s a special place,” Klocksien said. “It wasn’t far from just being burned down or bulldozed and lost forever.”

The church is now open a few times a year.