So Minnesota: Eveleth Hippodrome turns 100 years old

Minnesota is known as the state of hockey. 

One arena in the Iron Range captures that spirit and it’s turning 100 years old this January. 

The Eveleth Hippodrome is a beloved building in a community nicknamed Hockey Town USA, home to the world’s largest free-standing hockey stick and U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame. 

Known as the Madison Square Garden of the Northland,  the Hippodrome opened on January 1, 1922. 

Over the past century, Eveleth players passed their skates and their hockey heritage through the generations.

Crowds packed the arena to watch future NHL stars and Minnesota hockey legends, 

“It’s always been a sense of pride,” manager Scott Collins said.  “It really has. The history. There’s so much history here.”

The city of Eveleth is trying to get the Hippodrome on the National Register of Historic Places.

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