Green Bean Casserole

Green Bean Casserole

Chef Jametta Raspberry shared how she makes green bean casserole.

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1/4 c EVOO
2 Large Shallots minced
1.5-pound Wild mushrooms sliced
3 cloves of garlic minced
Splash of white wine
1-pound green beans
Cream or milk
Parmesan cheese
Salt and pepper

–Blanch green beans
–Saute shallots with garlic in olive oil
–Add the wild mushrooms and saute until golden brown
–Deglaze the pan with white wine and reduce
–Add cream and milk
–Add cheese and stir until thick
–Add blanched beans
–Season with chopped fresh herbs and salt and pepper

Make croutons with evoo, leftover herbs and cheese.

Top with croutons and bake in the oven until golden and bubbly.)