Officers’ body camera video in George Floyd case released to public

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Copies of the body camera video of former Minneapolis police officers arresting George Floyd were released Monday morning.

The excerpts of the videos are from the time immediately before, during and after the detainment and death of Floyd, who died in police custody on Memorial Day. The videos are from the body cameras of former officers Thomas Lane and J Alexander Kueng.

Judge rules public allowed to see officers’ body camera footage in Floyd case

Judge Peter Cahill on Friday ruled in favor of the media coalition challenging a court order that prohibited the public from viewing the body camera video, which was submitted as evidence in Lane’s motion to dismiss the charges against him.

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The video shows Keung and Lane walk into the Cup Foods at 38th Street and Chicago Avenue, where they are approached by a staff member, who holds up a bill and says it’s fake.

The former officers then follow the employee as he points across the street and walks outside.

The videos show Lane approaching the driver’s side of the SUV, while Keung approaches the passenger side and speaks with another man in the vehicle.

Lane can be seen tapping on the driver’s side window, appearing to startle Floyd, who is sitting inside. He tells Floyd repeatedly to show him both of his hands as Floyd asks what he did wrong.

Floyd becomes emotional, crying as he agrees to step out of the vehicle and begs Lane not to shoot him. Lane says he won’t shoot Floyd and then can be seen pulling Floyd from his seat.

Keung helps Lane handcuff Floyd. Keung leads him to the side of a building and takes his name. He can be heard explaining to Floyd that he is accused of using a fake bill.

The officers then walk him across the street to the squad, where the officers try for several minutes to get him into the vehicle. Floyd tells them repeatedly that he’s claustrophobic, at one point saying he has anxiety. Floyd also reveals he previously had COVID-19.

Lane is heard telling Floyd he will roll the squad windows down and turn on the air conditioning if Floyd will sit inside.

About nine and a half minutes into the videos, former officer Derek Chauvin can be seen approaching the vehicle. Lane goes around to the other side and tries pulling Floyd through the back seat.

There is a struggle on the passenger side. Chauvin and Keung can be seen bringing Floyd to the ground. Chauvin’s knee can be seen placed on Floyd’s neck, as Keung positions his knee on Floyd’s back and Lane restrains Floyd’s legs.

After nearly a minute in this position, Floyd is heard telling his mother and children that he loves them.

Floyd is in that position for about four minutes before saying his last words, “please, please.” At this point, Lane asks if they should move him on his side. He repeats the question two minutes later.

Nearly 18 minutes into the videos, Keung checks for a pulse. An ambulance arrives shortly before the 20 minutes mark. Chauvin does not remove his knee from Floyd’s neck until they move Floyd to a stretcher.

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Click the video boxes below to watch the body camera footage.

WARNING: The video below is unedited and contains material that is disturbing.

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