TRUTH TEST: NRCC Ad Attacks Angie Craig's Business Record

October 17, 2018 11:05 AM

One of the hardest-hitting television ads of this election year is now on the air and online attacking Democratic 2nd Congressional District  candidate Angie Craig. It's produced by the National Republican Congressional Campaign, which aims to elect Republicans in House seats across the country.

"Making millions in ill-gotten gains," the ad's narrator says, "That's Angie Craig."


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According to Craig's "Financial Disclosure Report" she filed with Congress, it's true Craig has earned millions of dollars through her work in the medical technology industry. However, the ad offers no evidence her earnings are "ill-gotten."

The ad highlights several lawsuits and investigations of companies she has worked for, including Minnesota-based St. Jude Medical and London-based Smith & Nephew, both medical technology companies. The alleged misdeeds included bribery, defrauding investors and racial bias. However, the ad offers no evidence Craig was involved in any of the illegal activity.

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The ad includes kernels of truth, but it mostly tries to connect Craig to wrongdoing by former employers with no evidence she was involved. This ad gets a D-minus on the "Truth Test" for offering mostly misleading information that leaves a false impression.

How KSTP Grades Political Ads in Truth Test

At the end of every "Truth Test," 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS and assign the tested political ad a grade.

Here's the criteria we use to determine that grade:

- An "A" requires nearly complete accuracy with little exaggeration and little or no need for more context.

- A "B" requires mostly accurate information, but gets marked down for minor exaggerations and misleading information.

- A "C" can be the result of inaccurate information or exaggerated information that misleads and gives the viewer no context.

- A "D" is the result of at least half the information being false or misleading to the point of leaving a false impression.

- An "F" is the result of more than half the information being outright false as well as misleading and out of context.


Tom Hauser

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