Metro area businesses prepare for possible unrest following Election Day

Here in the Twin Cities and across the country, some businesses are preparing for violence in case unrest breaks out after election results come in.

Both Minneapolis and St. Paul police say they will have extra staff working on Election Day. The Minnesota National Guard is also on standby.

Many business owners say they are not taking any chances. On the eve of Election Day, store owners and employees were boarding up their shops across the Twin Cities.

Some Twin Cities businesses boarding up windows before Election Day

A large amount of lumber was dropped off in downtown Minneapolis, an area that has spent most of the summer boarded up after several riots.

Business owners say their latest fear is more of the same damage as election results come in Tuesday night.

Inside of John Fluevog Shoes, Jamie Liestman said she’s used to not being able to see outside.

The store in Uptown Minneapolis was hit by violence this spring. Liestman said she has put up plywood at the store again and again.

"This is the third time we’ve had to board up but this time, it’s a proactive instead of a reactive move, so I’m feeling a little better about it this time," Liestman said.

Boarding up a business isn’t cheap, but Liestman said it’s something they need to do.

The cost? About $3,000.