Former Minnesotan, ‘Mighty Ducks’ actor Brock Pierce announces run for president

Brock Pierce, formerly from Minnesota, is the latest to announce his candidacy for president.

Nearly 30 years ago, Pierce was a child actor, appearing the first two "Mighty Ducks" movies, filmed in Minnesota.

Pierce is now a businessman, having made a fortune in the Bitcoin, or crypto-currency field.

He spoke about his bid for presidency Wednesday.

"In my business career, my childhood acting didn’t play a huge role in it, but in running for president it’s brought up constantly," Pierce said. "And yeah, we’re here at the New Hope Ice Arena where I have many great memories."

Many of the "Mighty Ducks" scenes were filmed in that arena.

The St. Louis Park native is running as an independent and is on the presidential ballot in 15 states so far.

"We’re laying the ground work for future elections," Pierce told 5 Eyewitness News in an interview. "I believe we need a third major party in this country."

Pierce has a net worth estimated at between $400 million and a billion dollars, according to Forbes magazine, mostly earned the cryptocurrency or bitcoin industry and through various tech companies.

He says he would have handled the economic stimulus during the pandemic differently than President Trump and Congress.

"The stimulus money I think should have gone in the hands of the people and into the hands of small businesses," he says. "I look at Amazon. I look at Walmart. I look at these companies that are growing massively having record years. And I look around at all the small businesses and the small business owners and their businesses are imploding left and right."

Learn more about his presidential platform here.