At Issue: Nov. 14 — Infrastructure funding, special session prospects, Diamond Awards

Minnesota will see about $6 billion of a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill after President Joe Biden signs it into law this week. The money will go to roads, bridges, public transit and broadband projects.

This week on "At Issue," we break down where most of that $6 billion will go, plus what the Walz administration and members of Minnesota’s Congressional delegation are saying about the bill.

Meanwhile, our political analysts break down the prospects of a special session ahead of the holiday season. Gov. Tim Walz, a DFLer who’s seen three members of his administration depart – two because of Senate Republicans voting against their appointments – said he "was really hopeful" but "cannot get [Republicans] unfixated on them taking punishment out on commissioners."

This coming week will feature the Diamond Awards. On "At Issue," we hear from two people who team up with the Minnesota Twins to help find cures for Ataxia, ALS and other neurological diseases.