St. Anthony to Tackle Flooding Issue on Mirror Lake

December 05, 2017 10:44 PM

As winter settles in, the city of St. Anthony is waiting for a good freeze in order to finish a project aimed at helping with springtime floods.

It's those springtime floods that have impacted the work of So Artists' Choice owner Todd Roepke. Because of flooding from Mirror Lake, Roepke has build special shelving that keeps his products off the floor in case of flooding.


"It's happened several times," he said of the water that backs up from  nearby Mirror Lake.  "We have had some damages."

Ever since Mirror Lake flooded in 2011, St. Anthony has studied solutions.

It will take a few weeks of frozen ground for contractors to finally be able to finish a dredging project in an effort to stop spring flooding and save the lake.

"This is one of the projects you're going to see more and more of as time goes on," St. Anthony City Engineer Todd Hubmer said.

That's because he says thousands of Minnesota's waters, like Mirror Lake, are in need of some man-made help.

Humber said sediment and pollutants flow into the lake through storm water drainage. When water is on the move, it stirs up the sediment and takes it along into bodies of water downstream.

However, if the lake is deeper, water has a better chance to settle and sediment and pollutants can sink the the bottom.  That lessens the chance of them moving into other bodies of water like the Mississippi River.

"Here we are six-and-a-half years later and we're finally getting that last dredging done that we couldn't do last year because it was too warm," St. Anthony Village Mayor Jerry Faust said.

Now that the temperatures are dropping, the ground will soon freeze enough to support the machinery needed to deepen the lake and dredge out the sediment and nutrient-rich soil.

Adding vegetation around the lake this spring will also help naturally filter the water on its way downstream.



Katherine Johnson

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