County Releases Defendant Names in Cases Involving Eden Prairie Detective Accused of Lying on Warrant

October 19, 2018 10:33 AM

The video above originally aired on Oct. 12

The Hennepin County Attorney's Office has released the names of the defendants in cases which involved Eden Prairie police detective Travis Serafin, who is accused of lying in a drug investigation case.


Prosecutors allege Serafin failed to obtain a search warrant to look for drugs in a car, then provided a fraudulent warrant.

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David Brown, the chief deputy county attorney, announced last week that the county attorney's office had been contacting defense attorneys for more than 40 defendants whose cases were charged, but not completed as of Sept. 22, 2017 - the date when Serafin is alleged to have filed the falsified search warrant.

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On Friday, the list of those defendants, the status of their case, and Serafin's role was released.

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It is as follows (defendant, status, Serafin role):

  • Douang Chay Yang, closed/sentenced, affiant/critical witness
  • Kong Peng Yang, closed/sentenced, affiant/critical witness
  • Kristal Chambers-Fineday, closed/sentenced, affiant/critical witness
  • Julie Koch, closed/sentenced, affiant/critical witness
  • Matthew Cody, closed/sentenced, affiant/critical witness
  • Torrance Gray, closed/sentenced, affiant/critical witness
  • Melanie Marshall, closed/sentenced, affiant/critical witness
  • Raymond Evans, closed/sentenced, affiant/critical witness
  • Christopher Traxler, closed/sentenced, affiant/critical witness
  • Kade Shriver, diversion, affiant/critical witness
  • Aketo Granberry, diversion, affiant/critical witness
  • Sadad Omar, diversion, affiant/critical witness
  • Samantha Olson, diversion, affiant/critical witness
  • Nicholas Dillan, diversion, affiant/critical witness
  • Stephan Henderson, diversion, affiant/critical witness
  • Hassan Hussein, warrant, affiant/critical witness
  • Jessica Hudson, warrant, affiant/critical witness
  • Kirstin Klintworth, pending, affiant/critical witness
  • Tremont Hanson, pending, affiant/critical witness
  • Scott Arnes, pending, affiant/critical witness
  • John Stewart, pending, affiant/critical witness
  • Hayden Peck, closed/sentenced, critical to chain
  • Deandre Jackman,closed/sentenced, critical to chain
  • Christopher Nytes, closed/sentenced, critical to chain
  • Joshua Keith, closed/sentenced, critical to chain
  • John Kriz, closed/sentenced, critical to chain
  • Trisha Prinsen, closed/sentenced, critical to chain
  • Harraman Hill, closed/sentenced, critical to chain
  • Jose Mendez-Beltran, closed/sentenced, critical to chain
  • Abdul Jafar, closed/sentenced, critical to chain
  • Ryan Fuith, closed/sentenced, critical to chain
  • Marc Julien Emile Noz, closed/sentenced, critical to chain
  • Shane Edwards, closed/sentenced, critical to chain
  • Wesley Toll, warrant, critical to chain
  • Kiersten Olson, warrant, critical to chain
  • Susan Barclay, pending, critical to chain
  • Adam Gobana, pending, critical to chain
  • Simon Lehman, closed/sentenced, peripheral witness
  • Keshawn Alexander, closed/sentenced, peripheral witness
  • Kosy Ouisy, closed/sentenced, peripheral witness
  • Keith Kjeseth, closed/sentenced, peripheral witness
  • Brandon Wolfe, closed/sentenced, peripheral witness
  • Casey Kramer, closed/sentenced, peripheral witness
  • Jeffrey Westgor, closed/sentenced, peripheral witness
  • Lindsay Kokales, closed/sentenced, peripheral witness
  • Cali Batzel, closed/sentenced, peripheral witness
  • Steven Chavez, closed/sentenced, peripheral witness
  • Adam Fontana, closed/sentenced, peripheral witness
  • Quinn Lehman, diversion, peripheral witness
  • Frantz Lofton, diversion, peripheral witness
  • Jodi Schmit, diversion, peripheral witness
  • Henry Taylor, warrant, peripheral witness
  • Tawny Cross, warrant, peripheral witness
  • Alexus Johnson, warrant, peripheral witness
  • Tawann Hunter, pending, peripheral witness
  • Sylvester Harris, pending, peripheral witness
  • Crystal Veaderko, pending, peripheral witness
  • Saudi Askara-Habib Miller, pending, peripheral witness
  • David Barker, pending, peripheral witness
  • Scott Chapman, pending, peripheral witness
  • Ivan Tessmer, pending, peripheral witness
  • Zachary McCloud, pending, peripheral witness
  • Nazareth Myers, pending, peripheral witness


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