No Clear Answer Yet as to When MNLARS Issues May Be Fixed

December 06, 2017 07:44 PM

Minnesota lawmakers have grown more frustrated as problems with the state's online licensing and registration (MNLARS) have continued.

They have been asking when the system will be completely fixed.


But that answer didn't get much clearer Wednesday during a hearing of the House Select Committee on Technology.

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State information commissioner Thomas A. Baden and members of his staff testified that while they plan to launch software updates this month, it will be next year before the issues are completely worked out.

Though pressed by lawmakers, they could not say when next year that would be.

"By the end of January, we'll have our remaining road map," said Joan Redwing, the state's chief enterprise architect. "But we don't have it today." 

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Committee chairman Rep. Dave Baker (R) said his colleagues' patience was running out.

"We literally are out of time," Baker said. "We're with a lot of people in the state of Minnesota that are hurting, but when a statement or an email says something is done and fixed, we will hold you accountable.

"There is no more chances on this thing."

Several representatives also discussed a draft bill that would allocate $10 million from the general fund to reimburse deputy registrars who are currently operating at-or-near a deficit because of MNLARS system failures.

"The legislature is here to come up with some ideas and some resolutions and some fixes," Baker said. "I hope our deputy registrars out there are hearing us. You should not have gone through what you're going through.

"For that, the state of Minnesota owes you a great apology."

How would you like to see state lawmakers address ongoing problems with MNLARS? You can send your thoughts to Gov. Mark Dayton, Sen. Paul Gazelka and House Speaker Kurt Daudt below. 

A number of people weighed in after our last 5 Take Action on the subject. Here are some of those responses:

Kevin from Maplewood: Gentlemen, The problem with MNLARS needs to be fixed now. I renewed my license tabs by mail at the beginning of October, my checked cleared Oct 6th, but still no tabs as of Oct 31st. I called the License. Dept. today and they show I paid but the system hasn't cleared to send my tabs to me. The gentleman helping me (Jason ) offered to email me a 60 day Temporary tag so I will be able to drive my car. Please look into this and get it fixed. 

Anonymous: Fire the people responsible for this fiasco. Enough is enough. Gov. you have stated on several occasions that the system has been fixed and is working. Wake up. Try to get your tabs renewed if you are so sure about the reliability of MNLARS!! A sickened taxpayer.

Anonymous: If I were to implement changes at our job that were an epic disaster, I'd be fired. I think the same action should to take place to all those responsible for this mess.

Anonymous: Please spend a day or two in a dealership, or at the DMV and see first hand what problems we are having. I work at a dealership in the metro area, I have hundreds of applications at the local DMV waiting to be processed, I have customers who need to transfer their handicaps plates, veterans plates, DNR plates etc. but the new MNLARS system can't do that. I have customers who want to refinance their vehicle and can't because they don't have a title, I have a customer whose vehicle was totaled and get can't check because they don't have a title. Please stop down playing the situation until you spend sometime in the real world.



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