Minnesota Supreme Court to Rule Thursday in Dayton-Legislature Dispute

November 16, 2017 06:10 AM

Minnesota's Supreme Court may finally resolve the legal battle between Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton and the Republican Legislature.

The political bickering goes back to late May when Dayton vetoed the Legislature's $130 million operating budget while signing the rest of a new state budget. Dayton wanted Republican lawmakers to rework tax breaks and other measures, but GOP leaders sued.


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The state's highest court has been weighing the case for months after a lower court struck down Dayton's line-item veto. The court said Wednesday it would issue its opinion at 10 a.m. Thursday morning.

Depending on the ruling, the court's opinion may put to rest concerns that the Legislature will soon run out of money.

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The Court had ruled in early September that Dayton's veto of funding was constitutional, but court ordered the two sides to enter mediation.

However, a court-appointed mediator said later that month that legislative leaders and Dayton were at an "impasse" and needed to report back to the Supreme Court.

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