Former Bethel football player charged with sexually assaulting 3 students |

Former Bethel football player charged with sexually assaulting 3 students

Gideon Osamwonyi Erhabor Photo: Collin County Jail
Gideon Osamwonyi Erhabor

Updated: December 04, 2019 09:22 PM

A former Bethel University football player has been charged with sexually assaulting three people.

Gideon Osamwonyi Erhabor, 21, is charged with three counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct.

According to criminal complaints, Ramsey County deputies were notified of an alleged sexual assault on June 2. The victim told authorities she was sexually assaulted by Erhabor on Dec. 8, 2018 at a house party in Shoreview. The victim told deputies she walked around the party for about half an hour and then blacked out, and woke up the next morning at an apartment feeling groggy, queasy and experiencing vaginal pain, a complaint states. She also noticed bruising on her thighs.

The victim's friends reported to police that the victim had gone missing for about an hour while they were at the party, and when she reappeared she seemed highly intoxicated and wasn't making any sense.

According to the complaint, the victim had a flashback memory of Erhabor on top of her, and when she snapchatted him on Dec. 9 asking if anything happened at the party, Erhabor allegedly responded, "I used a condom. You're fine."

The victim told authorities she also reported the incident to her former residence assistant. The RA told police the victim was crying and really upset the day after the sexual assault, and said the victim thought Erhabor had sex with her at the party after she blacked out. The victim also said Erhabor was all over her before she blacked out and she made it clear she didn't want to have sex with him.

The complaint states the victim said she felt ashamed after the assault and didn't want to make a formal report. In April 2019, she learned another student had been sexually assaulted by Erhabor on Sept. 9, 2018 while that girl was blacked out. The victim said she and the other victim then went to the university on April 24, 2019 and she filed a formal report against Erhabor. The other victim filed a formal report against Erhabor two days later with university officials.

Ramsey County deputies met with Erhabor at an ice cream shop in is home town of McKinney, Texas on Aug. 5, the complaint states. During that meeting, Erhabor reported he was drinking before he got to the party. He claimed the victim came onto him sexually so they went to his car and she consented to sex. He said the victim had second thoughts as they were having sex, so they stopped and he went back to the party, leaving the victim outside. Erhabor told authorities when the victim snapchatted him the next day, he told her he used a condom, and they hadn't had any contact since.

Deputies received a report of a sexual assault involving Erhabor by that second victim on June 7. The victim said the sexual assault occurred on Oct. 7, 2018, at a house party in Roseville. A complaint states the victim told deputies she had been socializing with friends and consumed two alcoholic drinks. At about 2 a.m., she went outside and then woke up the next morning at an apartment wearing only a t-shirt.

The complaint states Erhabor came to the victim's room uninvited and climbed into her bed on Nov. 30, 2018, and the victim asked what he was doing and told him she wouldn't do anything sexual with him. The victim told deputies Erhabor then asked why nothing sexual would happen and said he'd already seen "it" before when they had sex at the house party in October. Erhabor then allegedly told the victim they had sex in a bathroom at the party and she fell asleep.

The victim told authorities Erhabor had asked her to go out with him numerous times prior to the house party and asked her to have sex with him on multiple occasions, the complaint states. The victim said she told Erhabor "no" every time he asked.

When deputies met with Erhabor in McKinney, Texas on Aug. 5, Erhabor said he first met the victim freshman year and they had run into each other at several parties. He claimed the victim always came onto him sexually and admitted they had sex at the October house party. The complaint states he denied the victim ever fell asleep while they were having sex. Erhabor also told deputies he didn't recall sending a message to the victim telling her she was asleep while they had sex, and if he did it was likely the result of his "dark sense of humor and I make jokes like that."

Ramsey County deputies received another report of a sexual assault involving Ramsey County deputies on June 21, which also occurred in a Bethel dorm room. A complaint states the victim said the assault occurred on Sept. 11, 2018. The victim told authorities Erhabor and the victim had been snapchatting and Erhabor asked the victim to come to his room to watch a movie.

The complaint states the victim told Erhabor she didn't want to have sex with him, but he started kissing and groping her. Erhabor then allegedly got more aggressive and when the victim tried to move away from him, the victim said Erhabor grabbed her by the hips and raped her as she cried into a pillow and pleaded for him to stop. Afterward, Erhabor took her back to her dorm room.

The victim told authorities she was in shock afterward and asked a friend to come get her.

According to the complaint, when Ramsey County deputies interviewed Erhabor on Aug. 5 at the ice cream shop in his hometown he allegedly admitted to meeting the victim and said they "made out." Erhabor told the deputies the two went back to his dorm room and, after some foreplay, they had sex and the victim then cried after she "recounted a prior event," the complaint states. Erhabor then said they watched a movie and had sex again, and when they finished Erhabor told the victim he "understood if she never wanted to speak with him again" and they hadn't spoken since.

Erhabor was listed on the Bethel University website as a running back for the football team in 2017. He was in custody Wednesday afternoon in the Collin County Jail in Texas.

Each criminal sexual conduct charge carries a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison, a $30,000 fine or both.

A Bethel University spokesperson issued the following statement on the matter:

"Mr. Erhabor was a student at Bethel University from Fall semester 2017 through Fall semester 2018. During this time, he was also on the football roster. The university has not seen the criminal complaint and is therefore unable to comment. Bethel University is saddened and concerned when any sexual assault is reported and is committed to cooperating with law enforcement. We strive to ensure our campus is a safe, welcoming, and respectful place for our students to learn and our employees to work."

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