Former Lakeville middle school principal sentenced on burglary, stalking, ID theft charges

June 17, 2019 06:28 PM

A former Lakeville middle school principal who pleaded guilty to charges of stalking, burglary and identity theft was sentenced Monday to 102 months (eight years and six months) in prison, though the last third of that sentence could be served on supervised release.

He also received an additional 10 years of probation and will have to pay restitution in the amount of $19,876.35 to victims of the crimes.


The charges against Christopher Endicott were filed in five separate cases, dating back to 2013. In all, he pleaded guilty to two counts of stalking (gross misdemeanor), two counts of burglary (felony) and one count of identity theft (felony).

"We are pleased to have brought this defendant to justice for the disturbing criminal behavior that terrorized neighbors, family and co-workers," Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom said in a release.

KSTP's Eric Chaloux, who was in the courtroom, reported Endicott was taken away in handcuffs afterward.

"There's no excuse for my actions," Endicott told the court prior to his sentence being handed down.

“I invaded people's lives and I do hate what I did." 

Prosecutors had asked the judge to sentence him to 13.5 years, calling him a "very dangerous man."

Endicott originally pleaded not guilty to second-degree burglary in March, but changed his plea to guilty roughly a week later.

Prior to the sentence being announced,  prosecutors told the court some victims were "too afraid" to come to court and read victim impact statements.

The district's superintendent did read an impact statement on behalf of the staff at Century Middle School, where Endicott had served as principal.

"Endicott created a toxic climate of fear and suspicion at Century Middle School," the statement read in part. "The trust and security that is so critical for our students to learn is also essential for our educatiors to be successful in teaching them.

"In the words of one of our teachers from Century, 'Mr. Endicott took that trust and our sense of safety away, not only at school but also in our homes and our personal lives. His actions had a profound and lasting impact on us'."

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The burglary charge came in connection to an alleged incident in November 2015. According to the criminal complaint, officers were dispatched to an Apple Valley residence where the homeowners - next door neighbors of Endicott's - had returned home to reportedly find a basement window broken and pulled open.

The residents also reportedly said they noticed someone had been in their master bedroom because the shades were "pulled down and in an angled position, which was not the way they had left them." Although they did not notice anything missing at the time, they did reportedly show officers two safes that had been pulled out into a hallway in the basement.

Each were allegedly damaged, though only one was opened, the complaint states.

Two days later, one of the homeowners reportedly contacted police to say she had discovered she was missing a white gold ring with a small diamond, and a key ring that had the keys to the house on it.

Investigators had already executed a search warrant at Endicott's Apple Valley home, and authorities found items that allegedly showed he was stalking an initial victim in addition to several other people, according to that criminal complaint.

He had already been placed on administrative leave from Century Middle School. And the criminal complaint related to the burglary states that because his office was vacant, the Lakeville police officer assigned to the school began using it. In February 2018, the complaint states, the officer opened the lower drawer of a file cabinet in the office and allegedly discovered three watches, a gold ring, an antique fork and knife, a Coon Rapids High School class ring, a key on a Mercedes Benz key ring and a thumb drive.

The class ring had a name engraved and, after meeting with investigators, the Apple Valley homeowner reportedly confirmed both the class and gold ring were hers. The homeowner was not sure if the key ring was from her residence, but said she had owned a Mercedes in the past.

She also told investigators there had been past friction with Endicott stemming from concerns they had about their dog going after Endicott's cats when they came into their yard.

But she said that was the only issue she could recall having with him.

Meanwhile, in early 2018, while executing the search warrant related to the stalking matter, authorities found items that allegedly showed he was stalking an initial victim in addition to several other people.

Meanwhile, according to the criminal complaint on the stalking charges, investigators believed Endicott not only followed his victims, but possibly broke into their residences and vehicles. They reportedly found personal information such as full identification with names, birthdays, social security numbers and passwords for applications used, the criminal complaint states.

Those applications included children's names and maiden names for both victims and families, the complaint details.

Prior to sentencing Monday, a former teacher also called Endicott a "dangerous man," saying he followed her for years.

But, she said her faith had taught her forgiveness.

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