Crisis Nursery, Homeless Shelter Help Families in Southern Minnesota

Crisis Nursery, Homeless Shelter Help Families in Southern Minnesota Photo: KSTP-TV/File

December 16, 2017 10:29 AM

A southern Minnesota crisis nursery and a homeless shelter are providing complementary services for families in crisis.

The Southern Minnesota Crisis Nursery and NUMAS Haus homeless opened in New Ulm within months of each other in 2016 and 2017, the Mankato Free Press reported. The facilities are run by separate organizations but both aim to help families in need.


The nursery provides short-term child care for children up to the age of 12. Children can stay at the nursery for up to 72 hours. The nursery has cared for more than 40 children since it opened in July. The number served has increased in recent months as more people have learned about the service, said Evan Curtin, the nursery's director.

"It's a unique service," he said. "Our shelter-based model where we take kids into our care, the only other place that has it in the state is Minneapolis."

The nursery accepts children from all across the state. Children can be taken to the nursery for a number of reasons, including a parent needing to go to a medical appointment or if a domestic violence incident occurs.

The homeless shelter is a longer-term option that houses clients for up to 90 days while helping them find permanent housing. The shelter has room for about three families at a time and has had a persistent waitlist of families in need.

The church community came up with the idea for the shelter because they saw how big the homeless issue is in the community, according to Karla Diehn, NUMAS Haus shelter coordinator.

"It's opened a lot of people's eyes because more of them didn't realize it was an issue," she said.

Both services have been largely supported by community donations and volunteers, but both groups plan to seek grants to help cover costs.



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