BCA Interviews Offer Officers' Accounts of Blevins Shooting

July 30, 2018 07:45 PM

The newly-released Bureau of Criminal Apprehension files regarding the Thurman Blevins shooting contain hours of interviews, hundreds of crime scene photos and multiple video files.

Included in the release are BCA interviews with Officers Ryan Kelly and Justin Schmidt.


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During his 27-minute interview, Schmidt explained what was going through his mind as the body camera video was rolling.  He said he repeatedly warned Blevins and asked him to put his hands up as they chased him down the alley.

Schmidt told investigators the critical moment came when he saw Blevins reach for his gun.

"When the gun came out, I feared for my life. To me, he had every intent of shooting my partner and me.  I gave him numerous chances to give up and he continued to escalate the situation," Schmidt said.

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Schmidt also told investigators he never saw Blevins point a gun at him.

However, Kelly had a different perspective.  Kelly told investigators he was "pretty sure" Blevins fired a shot.

"In a matter of a second, his arm comes up and I hear shots.  He's pointing a silver handgun directly at me.  I remember seeing that barrel pointed right at me," Kelly said.

Both Kelly and Schmidt remain on paid administrative leave, which is standard after a critical incident.



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