4-Acre Bog Still Unmovable on North Long Lake Near Brainerd

May 16, 2018 10:39 PM

A four-acre bog, which broke off from the east shore of North Long Lake near Brainerd, is still floating just off the shoreline of the lake's Legionville School Patrol Safety Camp.

Volunteers from the North Long Lake Association and the American Legion, receiving guidance from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, have not been able to pull the bog away from the shoreline.


This despite attempting to pull the bog all day Wednesday.

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Kevin Martini of the DNR said the big bog is proving to be a much greater challenge than originally thought.

"It has really kicked our butts," Martini said. "Let's be honest about it, because we are going to get it done. But up to this point, the bog has just not cooperated."

The plan is to pull the bog away from the Legionville Camp beach, then turn it 180 degrees back into its original place on the east shore of the lake.

Bill Schmidt, president of the North Long Lake Association, said there was not enough horsepower on the boats to move the bog.

So they moved to another plan, which has been partially successful.

"We then wrapped a big steel cable around the middle of the bog," Schmidt said. "And then a tow truck cinched it up and pulled away, and it cut the bog in half.

"But we still did not have enough horsepower on the boats to move the two smaller pieces of the bog."

So Schmidt said the plan was to cut it one more time Wednesday night.

"It will then be cut into thirds," he said.

"We are hoping to come back then Thursday morning and try to move the three smaller pieces by those same boats."

Randy Tesdahl, executive director of the American Legion Department of Minnesota, said it is important to move the bog so there is access to the lake for the hundreds of young children who use Legionville Camp to learn about school patrol safety.

"The program is designed to have kids from all over the state to come to camp here and learn about school patrol safety," Tesdahl said.

"And a large part of the program includes water safety training, which we cannot do if the bog stays where it is."

Volunteers will be back at the lake Thursday morning to try one more time.


Jay Kolls

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