Hanging with Twins pitcher Louie Varland at his off-season job

Twins pitcher and North St. Paul native Louie Varland can paint more than the corners of home plate. When time allows, which admittedly is less and less because of the “A” job, Louie helps out ‘Varland Drywall,’ which is the family business. Wade, Louie’s dad, said that his son works drywalling jobs like he pitches: Fast and accurate.

KSTP Sports connected with Louie and Wade at a recent job.

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‘Varland Drywall’ has been a North St. Paul staple, around for 30+ years, started by Louie’s grandfather.

Louie made his MLB debut in September, winning the last of his five starts. He was the Twins’ minor league pitcher of the year in 2021 and 2022.