Thielbar remains as reliable lefty for the Twins

Caleb Thielbar is 36-years-old and entering his seventh season with the Twins and continues to be a reliable left handed pitcher for Rocco Baldelli’s bullpen.

Thielbar’s journey in the big leagues has been a winding road, he didn’t make it to the majors until he was 26-years-old. He pitched three seasons with the Twins from 2013-15 but was cut after the 2015 season.

From there, Thielbar pitched two solid summers with the then unaffiliated St. Paul Saints. A last lifeline in playing baseball that kept him in the game.

“It’s kind of crazy of how all of this has happened. I’m thankful and blessed and I don’t take it for granted,” said Thielbar.

Thielbar rejoined the Twins in 2020, and has been a solid option out of the bullpen. He has posted career highs in strikeouts the last two seasons.

“He’s not the much younger than I am, but he is still doing this really well,” said Baldelli. If we did get a similar version of Caleb this year and going forward, everyone over here would be really happy.”

Thielbar is from small-town Randolph, MN but worked himself into a payday. The Twins offered Thielbar a $2.4M contract this offseason.