Cousins talks Diggs departure, uncertain offseason, transition to Kubiak

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Updated: April 14, 2020 04:32 PM
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The Vikings and Kirk Cousins hosted a video chat press conference on Tuesday. Cousins appeared from his parents home in Orlando, where he said his family chose to ride out stay-at-home orders to have some help with his kids.

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Cousins was speaking for the first time since his contract extension, and for the first time since Gary Kubiak was announced as the Vikings new offensive coordinator.

"It was a no-brainer for me to want to be back with the Vikings and they found a way to make it work," Cousins said of his contract extension. "It's great to create cap space, and I want to make sure we'll be in Minnesota for a few seasons and even beyond that. I want to plauy well enough to be here a long time.

"I feel good about being part of the Minnesota community. We know how much this team means to the fanbase.  We'll do all we can to deliver a championship. Whichever quarterback wins a Super Bowl here will be welcome here the rest of his life. I want to be that quarterback."

On Kubiak, Cousins said, "It was the natural hire. Zim made a great choice and I'm glad Kubiak accepted it. Whenever we get back to work, I'm excited to get together with the staff. It should be a similar playbook, with a few adjustments."

Cousins also discussed life after Stefon Diggs, with the former Viking traded to Buffalo.

An article attributed to Diggs appeared in "The Players Tribune" stated Cousins was one of the first Vikings to contact Diggs after the trade was announced.

Cousins confirmed he texted Diggs,

"(The message said) You're as good as any receiver I've ever played with," Cousins said. "He's elite. I just wanted to...thank him.  

"It sounds cliche, but I'm only as good a quarterback as the guys around me - specifically the guys I throw to. Lots of games, his talent made an enormous difference."

Cousins also said he'll be watching nest week's NFL Draft with as keen an eye as ever.

"With the natuure of our world, this may be the most viewed draft ever. It'll be great for America to watch the draft and have a sense of normalcy."

He says his feelings on the draft have evolved in his time as an NFL player.

"Every year I value the draft more and more," he said. "I watch a late round pick or the right or wrong first / second round pick have an enormous impact on a team. I see it every year and realize how big it is."

Asked how he'd feel if the Vikings are in position to draft a quarterback in the first round, Cousins said, "Hey, if they draft a QB early? Competition is good. We'll compete and that's what it's all about."

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