Wind chill advisory issued across the state on Thursday, temperatures in the single-digit

There is a wind chill advisory across the state until noon on Thursday with temperatures reading of -25 degrees to -35 degrees, according to KSTP Meteorologist Sam Ryan.

Ryan says slick road conditions are expected to be persistent throughout the day with the combination of cold and blowing snow with winds gusts at 25 to 35 mph.

Thursday’s weather will have a high of six degrees and a low of -8 degrees. The wind is also expected to become light throughout the night on Thursday.

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The National Weather Service is advising people who are traveling on Thursday to dress appropriately by bundling up due to the cold weather.

On Friday, the weather is expected to be sunny with a bitter cold start, then warming up into the upper teens and low twenties. The high on Friday is 18 degrees, while the low is 12 degrees.

As for the weekend, temperatures are expected to increase, with both Saturday and Sunday having a high in the 20’s.