October 2020 officially the snowiest October in Twin Cities, St. Cloud and Eau Claire history

It’s official, October of 2020 is officially the snowiest October on record for multiple locations throughout Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

In Eau Claire, snow totals this month come to 7.2 inches, breaking the previous record set in 1925 of 5.9 inches. In the Twin Cities, the total this October is 8.9 inches, breaking the record of 8.2 inches set in 1991. In St. Cloud, a total of 7.2 inches has fallen, breaking the record of 6.4 inches from 2002.

According to the National Weather Service, while nearly two feet of snow fell during the Halloween blizzard of 1991, only 8.2 inches occurred on Oct. 31, the rest occurred on Nov. 1 and 2.