Warmer temperatures for the weekend with some rain on Sunday

Last Year on this Date November 2, 2022 the Twin Cities set a Record High of 76 degrees.  Temperatures all over Minnesota and Upper Midwest on November 2, 2022 were well into the 70s which was 20 to 30 degrees above average for the date.  The latest 70 degree temperature on Record in the Twin Cities is 71 degrees November 17, 1953.

Slightly Warmer Today and Friday with Cloudy Skies into the early afternoon Today then Partly Cloudy the rest of the afternoon with highs in the low 40s Today and mid to upper 40s on Friday.     

Weekend brings Warmer temperatures closer to average in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees.  Rain Sprinkles possible Saturday afternoon then better chance for Rain Showers Sunday in the afternoon and evening.  

Fall Back 1 hour before Bed Saturday night as Daylight Saving Time ends Sunday November 5 meaning Sun will rise at 6:56 a.m. and set at 4:55 p.m. on Sunday November 5.     


Cloudy  into  the  early  afternoon  then  Partly  Cloudy  after  2  p.m.

HIGH:  42  Degrees.

Wind:  Southwest  at  5  to  10  mph. 


Mostly  Cloudy.

LOW:   34  Degrees.

Wind:  South  at  5  to  10  mph.  


Morning  Clouds  then  Partly  Cloudy  to  Sunny  in  the  afternoon.

HIGH:  47  Degrees.

Wind:  North  at  5  to  10  mph. 


LOW:   32  Degrees.