Sunshine will fade to Cloudy Skies in the Twin Cities after 2pm then Light Snow Mixed with Freezing Drizzle will move into the area this evening after 9 p.m.  Snow and Freezing Drizzle will fall overnight into the Rush Hour Commute Wednesday. 

Snow Totals by 8am Wednesday in the Twin Cities will range from 1” south of the downtowns to 2” to 3” north of the downtowns and +3” St.Cloud, Cambridge, North Branch and Rice Lake,WI areas.  Heaviest Snow will be near Minnesota / North Dakota border including Fargo with up to 10” of Snow possible.  Freezing Drizzle will fall from south side of Twin Cities to Minnesota / Iowa border. 

Wednesday morning Twin Cities Rush Hour Commute will likely be Slower than usual with the Snow and Freezing Drizzle Mix.  The Wednesday late afternoon and evening Rush Hour should be much better with Light Drizzle and temperatures in the mid 30s keeping roads mainly wet. 

Calmer Weather Thursday through Sunday in the Twin Cities while on Friday a Winter Storm will bring +6” of Snow from eastern Iowa through northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin including Davenport, Cedar Rapids and northeast through Dubuque, Rockford, Chicago, Madison and Milwaukee. 


Sunshine  then  becoming  Mostly  Cloudy  after  2  p.m.  

HIGH:  36  Degrees.  

Wind:  East-Southeast  at  5  to  15  mph. 


Cloudy  with  Snow  Mixed  with  Freezing  Drizzle  after  9 p.m.  and  Snow  Accumulations  of  1”  south  Metro  to  3”  north  Metro  by  10  a.m.  Wednesday.  Chance  for  Snow  Mixed  with  Freezing  Drizzle  is  100%. 

LOW:   32  Degrees.     

Wind:  East-Southeast  at  5  to  15  mph.   


Cloudy  with  Snow  and  Freezing  Drizzle  in  the  morning  an  additional  1”  of  Snow  north  Metro  then  Cloudy  with  Drizzle  in  the  afternoon.  Chance  for  Snow  and  Freezing  Drizzle  is  100%  in  the  morning  then  Drizzle  in  the  afternoon  is  80%.    

HIGH:  36  Degrees.   

Wind:  South  at  5  to  15  mph. 


LOW:   18  Degrees.  


THURSDAY………32 / 16  AM Clouds then Partly Cloudy.

FRIDAY………….…36 / 20  Partly Cloudy.