The Snowiest Winter on Record in Twin Cities is 98.6” in 1983/84 and 2nd Snowiest in 1981/82 at 95.0” and 3rd Snowiest at 88.9” in 1950/51. Recently Snowfall in 2017/18 was 10th Snowiest at 78.3” but this Winter 2022/23 at 81.2” has now pushed the 2017/18 Snowfall Season to 11th Snowiest on Record and the 2022/23 Snow Season is the 8th Snowiest on Record.  Average Winter Snowfall is 51”.  Currently the Twin Cities is 3 feet Above Average to date.

The current Snow Depth in Twin Cities is from 9” to 15” with even up to 20” in some spots.  The possibility of more Rain and Snow this week along with above freezing temperatures will continue to increase the Risk for Snow Melt Flooding in late March and early April.

+1” or more of Snow has been on the ground in Twin Cities 111 consecutive days ( November 29, 2022 to March 19, 2023 ) making this the 8th longest stretch consecutive days of +1” Snow Cover.  It is likely the +1” Snow Cover will last another 10 days putting the Twin Cities at 121 consecutive days of +1” Snow cover ( November 29, 2022 to March ??, 2023 ).  The all time +1” consecutive days of Snow on the ground in Twin Cities is 136 days ( November 26, 1964 to April 10., 1965 ) which was followed by Severe Snow Melt Flooding all across Minnesota.

The Combination of Higher Sun Angle and Warmer temperatures day and night will cause a Rapid Snowmelt by April and every day Snow does not Melt now through the end of March will continue to Increase the Snow Melt Flood Risk especially on Mississippi, Minnesota and Saint Croix Rivers.  Now is the time to take Action if you have had Flood problems in past years of Spring Snow Melt.


Mostly  Sunny  with  Breezy  Conditions.

HIGH:  37  Degrees.

Wind:  Southwest  at  10  to  15  mph.  


Partly  Cloudy.

LOW:   20  Degrees.  

Wind:  Northeast  at  5  to  10  mph.  

MONDAY:    ( SPRING  OFFICIALLY  BEGINS  AT  4:24  P.M. –  Sun’s  Direct  Rays  over  Equator  )

Partly  Cloudy. 

HIGH:  34  Degrees.  

Wind:  Northeast  at  5  to  10  mph.


LOW:   24  Degrees.   

Temperatures warming to 50 degrees with Partly Cloudy Skies Saturday March 25th – average highs this time of March are in the mid to upper 40s and lows in the upper 20s.