Still hot and dry weather in Ken’s forecast

Good Wednesday morning!

An Air Quality Alert is in effect, including the Twin Cities metro area from noon to 8 pm today.

Hot weather and sunshine will combine with smoke particles from those wildfires in Canada to produce unhealthy ozone this afternoon and this evening.

Sunshine returns today also some hotter weather returns for today with temperatures rising well into the 80’s to near 90-degrees!

The humidity will not be too bad across the area with dew points (measure of moisture in the air) remaining below 60-degrees.

These relatively low dew points compare favorably to last week’s dew points, which were in the 60’s to near 70-degrees and it felt oppressively hot on those 90-degree days.

As far as rain is concerned, we do need the rain and we may see a few showers or thunderstorms by Friday and Saturday.

Along with the small rain chance will come slightly cooler air.

Right now, Sunday looks like the better of the two days this weekend.

We may see just a few thundershowers on Saturday, but again, no washouts are in the forecast.

Which is good news with our parched soil.

Have a great day!