Monday Weather Forecast

The 112 Consecutive Days of +1” Snow Depth in Rosemount/Twin Cities continues & deeper Snowcover in northern MN & northwest WI adds to Expected Significant Snowmelt Flooding this month into April.

The current Snowcover across MN & northwest WI has 3” to 6” of Water with even 10”of Water in spots Stored Up in the Snow & this Melted Snow Water will be released into River Waters once Snow starts to melt.

Some of the most intense Flooding in Minnesota and Wisconsin likely to be experienced along St.Croix River from Stillwater, Hudson, Afton, Hastings to Prescott,WI. Smaller Rivers like Vermilion River in Farmington and southeast Dakota County and Cannon River in Cannon Falls and Northfield will also likely have Flooding too. Now is the time to plan and prepare for Snowmelt Flooding if your area has had Snowmelt Flooding Problems in the past.

Today is 1st Day of Spring that officially starts at 4:24pm when the Sun’s Rays will be directly above the Equator. The Sun’s direct Rays will now stay north of the Equator until first day of Fall on September 23rd.

Average High 1st day of Spring (Mar 20) in Rosemount/Twin Cities is 44 degrees and by mid Spring (May 5) is 65 degrees and on last day of Spring (Jun 20) is 80 degrees.

Light Rain Mixed with Snow moving through Rosemount/Twin Cities between 10pm Tuesday and 6am Wednesday-any Snow Accumulation 1” or less in north Metro area but areas from Fargo to Brainerd to Duluth and Hayward,WI will see 3” to 6” of Snow.

TODAY:   ( SPRING  OFFICIALLY  BEGINS  AT  4:24  P.M. –  Sun’s  Direct  Rays  over  Equator  )

Mostly  Sunny. 

HIGH:  40  Degrees.  

Wind:  Northeast  at  5  to  15  mph.


Increasing  Clouds.

LOW:   26  Degrees.  

Wind:  East-Northeast  at  5  to  15  mph.  


Partly  Cloudy  in  the  morning  otherwise  Cloudy  and  Breezy. 

HIGH:  40  Degrees.  

Wind:  East  at  10  to  15  mph.


LOW:   36  Degrees.   (  Rain  and  Snow  Mix  after  10  p.m.  )