Light Showers possible Today into early Tuesday then some Sunshine ahead of Thanksgiving.

Cloudy Today with Sprinkles or Spotty Rain Showers but nothing heavy for the area and many areas remaining Dry.  Better Chance for Light Rain is later Tonight into Tuesday morning until 8 a.m.  Light Snow may Mix in with Light Rain Showers but nothing Heavy and No Snow Accumulation expected.

Travel Weather on Wednesday all across the Minnesota and rest of the Midwest looks good with Breezy Southwest Winds and temps in the upper 40s in the Twin Cities and Partly Cloudy Skies – no Big Winter Storms expected Wednesday but some Light Snow Showers around the Great Lakes and some Snow moving into western South and North Dakota late Wednesday night.

Thanksgiving Thursday November 23rd in Twin Cities starts with morning temperatures in the upper 20s to low 30s then afternoon highs in the mid 30s with Partly Cloudy Skies and North Winds at 10 to 15 mph then Light Winds in the evening.

Light Snow will be possible across Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa on Sunday with Light Snow Accumulations of 1″ or less.


Mostly  Cloudy  with  Sprinkles  or  Spotty  Rain  Showers.  Chance  for  Sprinkles  or  Spotty  Rain  Showers  is  50%.

HIGH:  47  Degrees. 

Wind: East-Southeast  at  5  to  15  mph. 


Cloudy  with  Sprinkles  and  Light  Rain  Showers  that  could  Mix  with  Light  Snow  overnight  but  No  Snow  Accumulation  or  Heavy  Rainfall  expected.  Chance  for  Light  Rain  Mixed  with  Light  Snow  overnight  is  50%.

LOW:   38  Degrees. 

Wind:  Light  Winds.


Cloudy  with  Light  Rain  Showers  or  Light  Snow  Showers  until  8  a.m.  then  Mostly  Sunny  with  Breezy  Chilly  Winds  in  the  afternoon.  Chance  for  Light  Rain  Showers  or  Light  Snow  Showers  in  the  morning  until  8  a.m.  is  50%.

HIGH:  40  Degrees. 

Wind: Northwest  at  10  to  20  mph. 


LOW:   28  Degrees. 



WEDNESDAY………………..48 / 30  Sunny & Breezy.

THU.( Thanksgiving )…..34 / 23  Partly Cloudy with Chilly Winds.

FRIDAY……………………………32 / 21  Partly Cloudy & Cold.

SATURDAY……………………..34 / 27  AM Sun then PM Clouds.

SUNDAY………………………….32 / 24  Cloudy with Light Snow ( 1″ or less ). Chance for Light Snow is 60%.

The average low and high for the extended period is 26 and 40 degrees.