Recently passed state bonding bill to help further develop bus service, other transportation projects

Thursday afternoon, the Minnesota Senate passed a nearly $1.9 billion bonding bill that will help in many areas, such as roads, bridges, parks and trails. Another key element the passed bill will help with is further developing more transportation options throughout the state.

Rep. Frank Hornstein (DFL-Minneapolis), chairman of the House Transportation Policy and Finance Committee, was pleased with the development.

"I am pleased that the bonding bill includes key provisions promoting transit in the Metro and Greater Minnesota, electric vehicle support, as well as the Safe Routes to School program which provides $3 million in funding for student bike and pedestrian infrastructure," Hornstein said in a statement. "The centerpiece of the transit provisions include $55 million to the Metropolitan Council to build two arterial bus rapid transit lines; the D Line which connects Brooklyn Center to the Mall of America, and the B Line which connects Uptown Minneapolis to downtown St. Paul."

A breakdown in funding for the trunk highway, transit, bike, pedestrian and electric vehicles is as follows:

  • B and D lines: $55 million,
  • Greater Minnesota Transit: $2 million,
  • Electric Vehicle Support: $2 million,
  • Safe Routes to School: $3 million,
  • Rogers Bike/Pedestrian Project: $2.2 million,
  • Shakopee Bike/Pedestrian Project: $2 million,
  • Hastings Bike/Pedestrian Project: $1.5 million.

"This jobs and economic security bill funds roads, bridges, public transportation and the Safe Routes to School program with projects all over the state," Hornstein said on the House floor late Wednesday night. "I especially appreciate that the B and D Bus Rapid transit lines are included in this bill. These were key equity projects when they were first proposed and are needed now more than ever to assist in the urgent revitalization of Minneapolis, St. Paul and surrounding communities. We have much more work to do to build and maintain our transportation infrastructure, including more investment in intercity passenger rail, but this bill will put people back to work, and create a safer, more efficient, more equitable transportation system."

To see a full list of projects included in the bill, click here. For the legislation itself, click here.

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