Video shows Maple Grove Middle School assault; parents demand action

Close to a hundred parents packed an Osseo-Maple Grove School Board meeting Tuesday night after a video surfaced on social media showing two girls attacking another student at Maple Grove Middle School.

The attack happened in December, and the mother of the victim, who discovered the video of her daughter’s attack on social media, showed the cell phone video to 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS.

Erin Schindler told KSTP she was not happy after she found out the two students who attacked her daughter would receive what she called a four-day suspension.

“We were horrified by the video when we saw it and are thankful she was not hurt worse than bruises and a knot on her head,” Schindler said. “But a four-day suspension is not adequate because there is no deterrent and my daughter did not provoke this assault.”

An unidentified woman stood up at the school board meeting and said her daughter is one of the aggressors in the video. Although she said she “does not condone” what her daughter did, the woman defended her daughter and explained why she lashed out in school.

“My daughter, like many other students of color at Maple Grove Middle School, faces harassment and racial slurs every day,” the woman said. “I do not condone what she did, but people do need to know being constantly degraded leads to anger and frustration.”

Osseo-Maple Grove Schools Superintendent Corey McIntyre declined to discuss specific cases but did say the district is working on “these issues immediately.”